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I am a narrative Film Editor, Cinematographer and Digital VFX Artist from Panama City, Florida who landed in Los Angeles in 2010. Over the last decade, I have edited a wide variety of projects including several narrative and documentary features, short films, music videos, commercials, web series and unscripted television. I'm a post production workflow specialist as well as a Canon Cinema Series/RED Camera Owner/Operator. I love science-fiction, horror, fantasy and dark comedy. I collect vinyl records, dime store sci-fi novels and vintage metal robots. My Australian Cattle Dog, Dash Render, is never far from my side. We also have a tabby named Tango Foxtrot that keeps us on our toes!

ON SHELVES NOW: A film I edited for Mustard Seed Entertainment, Catching Faith 2 starring Bill Engvall, is now available at Walmart and Amazon. It was awarded the IMDBPro “ReFrame Stamp” for gender-balanced productions for 2019.  


Mustard Seed's next feature that I also edited, an anti-bullying family-friendly comedy, Switched starring Denise Richards and John Schneider was just released on all online platforms and can be found in stores at Walmart as well as on Amazon. Released by Vertical Entertainment in collaboration with Nicole Weider’s “Project Inspired”, it is the third film I've edited to be awarded the IMDBPro “ReFrame Stamp” for gender-balanced productions.


JUST FINISHED: Teaming up again to collaborate with brilliant director Rebekah Wiggins, this summer I edited two of the five segments in a pandemic anthology film  "After Masks" starring Eric Roberts, Mitchell Hoog, Francis Lee McCain, shot all while "Sheltering in Place" and featuring new music by TLC. Updates coming soon!

ON TV: Check out HULU's BITE SIZED HALLOWEEN, an anthology of 30 horror shorts from up and coming filmmakers. I teamed up again with Cuddle Party director, Matthew Irving Epstein to edit MeNA, "an unremarkable man hopes to find out he is special by taking an at-home DNA ancestry test -- but did he read the fine print?" Released by 20th Digital Studio! Watch now on HULU!


CURRENTLY: In post production on Mustard Seed's newest feature, The Greatest Inheritance! Starring Mena Survari, Jaleel White, Jeff Shroeder, it follows estranged siblings returning to their familial estate to claim the inheritance their mother left behind. After discovering that the deed to the estate is hidden on the property, a caper ensues as they compete to find it. Their adventure brings them back together as they discover the message their mother intended for them. 

NEW RELEASE: ARRAY Releasing has acquired Alaska is a Drag starring Martin L. Washington Jr. and directed by Shaz Bennett. Ava DuVernay’s company is set to release the drama on Netflix on December 31. The award-winning fish-out-of-water dramedy centers on Leo (Washington Jr.), a glam-obsessed young man with dreams of being a drag superstar, while working in a fish cannery in Alaska and defending himself against homophobic attacks. After taking abuse from the town bully one too many times, Leo and his twin sister Tristen (Maya Washington) put his unlikely punching skills to the test with the help of his boss and former amateur boxer (Jason Scott Lee). The film also features Margaret Cho (Drop Dead Diva), Matt Dallas (Baby Daddy, Kyle XY), Christopher O’Shea (Madam Secretary), Kevin Daniels (Sirens, AJ and the Queen) and Nia Peeples (Pretty Little Liars).

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